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Innovation by tradition

Over 40 years of experience in the field of medical engineering

Koscher & Würtz GmbH – This name stands for a reliable and highly productive family-run enterprise specialized in medical engineering.

Thinking & acting in the long term, employing qualified staff and acting with a high degree of reliability and care are among the factors that contribute to our company´s success.

By having specialized in the production of surgical hand-held precision instruments, we have been successful in ensuring our customers‘ satisfaction. More than 200 excellently-qualified and highly-motivated staff members are contributors to our success. By providing modern workplaces, high-precision tools as well as state-of-the-art machinery, we enable our staff to profit from an ideal work environment.

Koscher & Würtz is a medical-technology company that highly successfully operates both nationally and globally and is one of the leading contract manufacturers of outstanding surgical hand-held instruments. As a manufacturer, we develop innovative solutions in accordance with the customer’s requirements and specifications. Customer orientation is of prime importance to us.

Koscher & Würtz in figures:

years of experience
m² production space

Talented inventors turn to experts in medical engineering

Koscher & Würtz has stood for continuity and development since the beginning. Look at the milestones we have achieved on our way so far and join us on those to follow on our way to the future.

1983 – Company foundation
Koscher & Würtz is founded by Stefan Koscher and Johann Würtz, both master surgical instrument makers, in Spaichingen, Kirchstraße 1, as a surgical engineering company.

By manufacturing surgical instruments from milled blanks, Koscher & Würtz successfully enters the field of medical technology.
Investments are made in machinery to independently produce
high-quality surgical hand-held instruments.

Koscher & Würtz moves to Vorgasse 16 and now has five full-time employees.
The first trainee starts his professional training as surgical instrument maker.
Since then, at least one trainee per year has been trained to become a surgical instrument maker.
Construction of a new company building is started, covering an area of 500 m²
Business is moved to its current location at Einsteinstraße 7, the staff has increased to 15.
Due to steadily growing business and a continuous expansion of the product portfolio, an extension to the company building is required. Koscher & Würtz increases its size to 1,500 m² and now employs 28 staff members.
Construction of a completely new company building is started to meet the increasing requirements.
Covering a total area of about 5,000 m², the current company building offers high safety and quality standards for our employees and provides modern workspaces as well as state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture mechanical components for high-quality, precision-engineered surgical instruments.
The first trainee starts his professional training to become a cutting machine specialist in our internal CNC machining department. Koscher & Würtz celebrates its 25th company anniversary.

A company outing to Europa Park followed by a dinner encourages team spirit among the staff and is enjoyed by everyone.
Koscher & Würtz now employs 125 staff members who work in a modern company building which provides a staff-oriented, environmentally-friendly work environment and is prepared to meet future requirements. About 10 % of our staff are trainees and the proportion of woman is around 40%. Our production portfolio currently includes some 1,200 different variants of surgical instruments of which about 80% are exported.

Koscher & Würtz celebrates its 30th company anniversary by arranging an anniversary party, an excursion with the entire staff as well as large family day.
An extension to the CNC machining space is added, covering an area of about 1,100 m².
The staff canteen is extended by around 150 m²
Due to steadily growing business and a continuous expansion of the product portfolio, another extension of the production floor is required. To do so, new property is purchased in the immediate vicinity at Einsteinstrasse 3.

Construction of a new building is started in August 2018.
Move into the new building in January 2020. New production space of 1,620 m² has been created.

Due to strongly increasing customer demand, the production area needs to be extended again. In March, construction is started to raise the new building by one story.
Move into the new upper floor in January 2021. New production space of 1,680 m² has been created. That means, the production area has meanwhile increased to cover a total size of around 11,000 m², with the staff having grown to currently 200.

Additionally, a new car park in the immediate vicinity is built in August to provide sufficient parking spaces for the staff.
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Our corporate mission statement: further developing traditional values

Koscher & Würtz is a company that stands for a high degree of reliability and care. We take responsibility for our customers. Our competent team is continuously trained and qualified to provide them with a thorough understanding and rich and proficient knowledge.

It is our mission to combine our corporate policy with an expansion of our portfolio as well as with customer responsibility. We now offer more than 1,200 different surgical hand-held instruments which all reflect the highest level of precision engineering.

What we count on:
  • Customer acquisition and ensuring our customers‘ loyalty
  • Loyalty towards our employees
  • Excellent qualification of the entire team

Together, we are strive towards achieving our corporate mission through our thoughts and actions. This is strongly reflected in our conduct not just towards our customers, employees and suppliers, but also towards environmental concerns and the social environment as well as our company.

What we stand for:
  • Shaping the future in an active, innovative and quality-conscious manner
  • Giving our customers top priority
  • Offering you greater benefits tomorrow than we do today
  • Working with our staff, we mutually create our future. We strive for excellent performance
  • Promoting the strengths needed to do so is of vital importance to us
  • Working with our suppliers, we develop challenging solutions
  • The social and environmental conditions are an integral part of our thinking and acting


Quality means that the customer returns rather than the goods!

Our customers expect and are entitled to be supplied with outstanding quality and excellent service at all times. This is even more true when both development and production are specifically tailored to their needs and requirements. Like all work processes, quality assurance, too, is subject to technical, social and product-engineering developments over time. It needs to be constantly adapted and modified, while maintaining an unchanged high level. During the development process, technical knowhow is therefore just as important as working with the customer closely and efficiently.

The requirements and demands, for example those of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), are constantly increasing. Accordingly, quality needs to be continuously adjusted to ensure our competitiveness in the long term. Optimizing all processes and procedures is therefore indispensable when it comes to ensuring constant or even growing success.

Quality assurance at Koscher & Würtz has successfully implemented these findings for a long time, in compliance with both German quality surveillance and the FDA. Koscher & Würtz has been certified since 1998 and has established a custom-fit and integrated quality system.

DIN ISO 13485 EN

DIN EN ISO 13485:
Quality Management System

Design & Development, production and distribution of surgical instruments and accessories

DIN ISO 13485 DE

DIN EN ISO 13485:

Entwicklung, Produktion und Vertrieb von chirurgischen Instrumenten und Zubehör